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  • Don't get me wrong; I thoroughly enjoyed my undergrad experience at UTM and Sheridan College. Still, my beloved undergrad experience also disappointed me greatly

  • The Trump administration’s problematic policies and (mis)understandings of the world and the people in it have steered the United States directly into new political and racial ‘crises’ that are reminiscent of political and racial ‘crises’ the United States has faced

  • In the 19th c, exhibitions were commonly organized to promote particular European worldviews. Most of the worldviews that were pushed forth were extraordinarily problematic and often helped to elevate curious European spectators into self-avowed hegemonic positions

  • When I was growing up, hearing Nina Simone blasting from my father’s CD player was a regular thing, so I was familiar with and enjoyed her music, but I knew very little about who she was. That was until I

  • In the second year of my undergrad, I took a 19thC European art course with one of the most amazing Professors I have had so far, Professor Alison Syme, and it was in her course that I first learned about

  • If you are an art student, were an art student or know an art student, then you probably already know this. We hate critiques. Well, most of the time. For me, it wasn't that I couldn't take criticism about my